Tip of the Momma 2 U: Stick’em Here, Stick’em There, Stick’em Just ‘Bout Everywhere

29 Jul

If the people at Walmart offered my 4 year old kid a sticker one more time, I imagined him saying, “It’s like I told the lady before you and the guy before her and the guy before him… I DON’T WANT A STICKER!”

And so I dread going in there every time because I’m sure it will be the last straw for him.

But he surprised me last week when he politely said “no”, making the moment awkward once again. But for the first time he sensed that it was awkward, and politely accepted the little blue and yellow sticker after all. Of course, he just stuffed it in his pocket and I tossed it before it ended up ruining another shirt.

But my kids really do like stickers. They even have their favorites…

But, I used to dread stickers, slumping my shoulders every time they picked one from a prize basket or received one for not bolting during an immunization. I would make stickers disappear frequently and LIE to my kids that I had no idea what they did with them.

Here’s why:

You know you’ve seen this before: A car window with about 15 to 20 backsides of stickers and about 3 of those stickers partially pulled off (just to see if it’s worth the effort), and you either dread the day your kid will discover stickers or you’ve declared that that will NEVER be you. But it’s one of those battles that you really just don’t want to pick when “picking your battles”.

So, I’ve already enforced the rules stating stickers may not be stuck in the following places:

A book

The wall

In/On the car

On toys

On appliances & electronics

On furniture

In your brother’s hair (or any person’s hair for that matter)

The dog

Yeah, all the FUN places kids want to stick stickers.

So where then can I stick my stickers mommy?

On paper

On the front of your shirt

On the top of your hand

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

But my kids do love stickers. And I love stickers! They are a form of expression and sometimes worth a laugh or a smile:

The Tip of the Momma 2 U:

So let’s go back to the “No sticking stickers on Furniture” rule.

We have a tall bookcase we purchased at Target and one side of it faces my sons room. This is the ONE piece of furniture that the kids can stick their most treasured of stickers. All stickers that are not bookcase worthy must abide by the previous rules, eventually ending up in the garbage. Deal with it.

Eventually we will run out of room on it and I just may rearrange the room to expose the other side of it and we can start filling up that side.

Now U Tip Me:

Let me know (if you allow it) where your kids stick their stickers permanently. I may need it once the bookcase is covered.



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One response to “Tip of the Momma 2 U: Stick’em Here, Stick’em There, Stick’em Just ‘Bout Everywhere

  1. Sharon Wheeler

    August 2, 2015 at 10:11 pm

    I’m a Grandma (Grammie) and think it’s amusing the things that mother’s have to put up with today. While raising mine, stickers just weren’t the thing. There were other annoyances, of course, but these days I prefer not to conger them up. I had rules, lots of them. All children need rules. The world is full of rules for adults and learning to live by rules starts when you’re a child. Bad things can happen when adults don’t learn that lesson so you keep enforcing those rules and raise law abiding adults that are capable of understanding the consequences of breaking them.


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