Is Martha Fish Gone?

03 Jan

Just a couple of people have outright asked this but the answer is no. Just in case you, too, were wondering. 

Although I disappear randomly, I’ve been coming back for over 7 years now. This last intermission was due to the holidays. I still have one more week of refereeing my children then it’s back to working out my New Year’s Resolution plan, writing my brains out, and Keeping up with the Kardanshians. Well, let’s change out the latter with Reading. I’m devoting this year to reading and a LOT more writing. Of course, there are the responsibilities that life brings, but writing and reading is easily inspired by the people around me and if I can get them involved, I can make it seem less me-focused.

My kids love to read. Sadly for my 9 year old, he gets car sick if he attempts to read even a comic strip, but he’ll do it anyway with the windows down in 17 degree weather. The 4 year old is currently reading “Bad Kitty” books and checking my grocery list each week to see if he approves of the snacks. Why was I in such a hurry for him to read?

I am devoted to reading to my kids every other night of the week. If they want my attention, they know to bring a book with them. If they want to stay up just a little later, I merely have to walk in on them reading a book and I am putty in their hands.

This year we are going to take on a reading challenge I found out about by following @BethFishReads on Twitter.

Check out the details here—>

The challenge consists of reading 6 books this year from 6 different title categories. The terms of the titles are predetermined for you, all you have to do is get creative and find books that fall into the catergories.

Then what?


If you find yourself asking people what you should read next, this could be a great way to find some great titles. What intrigued me first was the challenge in finding the qualifying titles. My kids will love that!

Click on the link and you’ll see that I’ve already signed up and commented that my boys will be taking the challenge on as well. I hope you’ll follow along with us as we post our picks and our reviews of our picks. For my children’s sake of experience, we will utilize the library as much as possible. Since I am a collector of books (more on that this year), I am sure we will end up purchasing our favorites and those we cannot find in our library’s collection.

In between this challenge I will still have my same old Marthaaaaa posts of life and family, because without those posts I’m am only reading and this year is my writing year.




P.S. I hope you’ll consider taking on the challenge as well. And if you do, I wanna know the titles you pick! So let me know if you sign up and write reviews so I can follow you back. If you just do it in your own private time, I still want to know what titles you would or do pick.



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3 responses to “Is Martha Fish Gone?

  1. Sharon Wheeler

    January 3, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Glad you’re back! Love your New Years resolution. There’s all kinds of articles right now about how NYR’s don’t work but I think you’rs will be an exception. Love that you inspire your boys to read too. I’m still in the middle of settling into our new house but reading always ends my day no matter how tired I am. So many good books and life is short. Love Ya A. Sharon

  2. a-non-a-mus ;)

    January 4, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Pink Suit. F^*$k word

  3. Big Daddy

    January 5, 2012 at 4:10 am

    good reading marthafich and happy new year hope to see you soon


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