I Kid You Not: What? Really? Cool!

09 Dec

While driving the three minutes it takes to get from my house to pick up my 8 year old son from school, I have accepted that this is usually the time of day that, LONG LONG AGO, used to be part of my 4 year old’s nap time. That nap time no longer exists, but the need for the nap still lingers. So, in this three minute cruise, he begins to get rather sleepy and therefore feels the need to avoid the Z’s at all cost. If his gentle attempts to jabber himself awake are ignored, I usually end up with an unreasonable child who chants insanely about how hungry he is. To avoid this at all cost, I found that I have an autopilot that is triggered by the first thing he says in the van. He says, “MOMMY! You know what?” and my brain automatically prepares for a three minute whimsical conversation. But, the amazing thing I just discovered about my autopilot is that there is a PATTERN! If I rotate the responses of “What?, Really?, and Cool!” I can actually survive the sleep-avoidance conversation with my 4 year old, maneuver my vehicle through the school zone safely, and maintain a little extra sanity until Chaos Hour officially begins later in the evening.

Here’s how my last conversation, yesterday, went with the little man:


4yo: MOMMY! You know what?

Me: What?

4yo: Nite-Nite Puppy is on level 10 of Wizard 101. That level is hard!

Me: Really?

4yo: And he is trying to get enough power to defeat the bad guys there.

Me: Cool!

4yo: And you know what?

Me: What?

4yo: He has to fly there!

Me: Really?

4yo: He can fly really high but he has to watch out for the fire!

Me: Cool!

4yo: You know what the kracken is?

Me: What?

4yo: It’s a storm!

Me: Really?

4yo: Nite-Nite Puppy can battle the kracken!

Me: Cool!

4yo: And you know why Nite-Nite Puppy has to do this?

Me: What?

4yo: NO, ask me WHY?

Me: Oh! WHY?

4yo: It’s to beat level 8

Me: Really?

4yo: Well he has to beat Spy Vs. Spy

Me: Cool!

4yo: You know what Nite-Nite Puppy has to do

Me: What?

4yo: Go to Triton Avenue

Me: Really?

4yo: Well, you know, Nite-Nite Puppy is at fire level.

Me: Cool!

4yo: Fire level is hard. And you know what?

Me: What?

4yo: I’m really hungry. I think I need a snack.

Me: O.K.




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