Be careful what you wish for…

08 Dec

I LOVE BOOKS! How much do I love books? To the point that we have four book cases in our house, five bins full of books, and my collection of books continues on the West Coast at my mother’s house. When she calls to ask if she should save or get rid of some of those books, my mouth drops as if she just asked if I’d be willing to sell one of my children. Before I had children, my husband and I trespassed into a house that was due to be bulldozed. Guess what I took? Books. When my friend offered me a box of books, I knew I wanted it before even looking through it. When my husbands uncle (whom we miss so much) passed away and a large amount of his books was offered to us, it took everything I had not to take every single one of them. And because they were his, I will NEVER let them go. The last time I purged a bunch of stuff from my house and donated it to a church garage sale, I ended up buying a box of over 30 Archie Comics and Highlights magazines. So it’s not just books I guess… I love anything that can be read.

So, why am I going on and on about books? For two reasons based on recent true events:

  1. I recently Tweeted with my all time favorite Book Company, Scholastic, and quite possibly, irreversibly, embarrassed myself.
  2. I recently bared a deep dark secret with one of my all time favorite authors, Judy Blume.

First, I’ll tell you about the Scholastic incident. @Scholastic was offering to follow some followers one day and I jumped at the chance to have a childhood staple follow little ol’ me. I mean, who doesn’t remember having order forms to take home from school? I loved them! I circled everything I wanted even if I knew I might not be able to have them. It was just me and my mom then, but somehow she always said yes to my long list of books. Maybe that’s why I’m so attached to books. What a great addiction! I bought so many books that, when the orders came in, the teacher took 6 – 10 books out for other kids orders and basically handed me the box filled with the remainder of the books. We’re talking 10 – 20 books per order. Luckily for my mom, order forms didn’t come as often as they do now.

So when Scholastic asked if anyone wanted to be followed, I jumped right on it. There was a pause in the day where @Scholastic wasn’t tweeting so I figured maybe I missed the bus to be followed. So I devised a plan. Trust me, I don’t usually stalk Twitter accounts, I just wanted to do something fun. I told @Scholastic that if they followed me, I promised I would do a *Happy Dance* in my kitchen until my 4 year old asked me to stop. Which, for the most part, doesn’t take long. My kids get very embarassed for me and won’t hesitate to say, “Okay, you can stop now.” (One of my favorite songs to dance like an idiot to? The theme of M.A.S.H. Just ask my mom.)

While I was out picking up my 8 year old from school later that day, @Scholastic tweeted back! In fact, they FOLLOWED me! I have to admit I had stars in my eyes. I mean, we’re talking about a piece of my childhood that not only could deliver books directly to my classroom for me, but they we’re connected with all of my favorite authors! I’m talking Ann M. Martin, Louis Sachar, Roald Dahl, Judy Blume… the list is endless. Admittedly, as a child, I imagined all these writers having dinner together with the people at Scholastic, Inc and saying things like, “I wonder if the little girl in Mrs. Hernandez’s class will order my book next,” and “I’m so glad Mr. Rogers is reading my book to his class, I just know that one little girl is loving it!” and of course, “I hope that little girl wants to work with us someday, she’s such a great reader!” I’m what some teachers called, “A Dreamer”.

For all the memories that Scholastic, Inc. has brought me and my kids, I knew I owed them a *Happy Dance*. I warned them that my dance moves were heavily based on the 80’s and by no means any good. Still, a promise is a promise:

This is only one of four pics. But it's all you get.

Unfortunately for me, when I told my 8 year old what I had promised to Scholastic, he thought it was a wonderful idea. He not only forgot to beg me to stop, he also took the pictures and recorded it on my iPhone. I have to admit I needed a little rhythmic motivation, so I played “Footloose” in the background. I promise I’ll post the video when I reach 500 Twitter followers. (hashtag #impossible)
So the point of this post is that I do love books, my kids love books, I never get rid of books, and if being addicted to books means I’m still “A Dreamer” I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you very much.
Wanna know what I told Judy Blume?
To be continued…

2 responses to “Be careful what you wish for…

  1. Sharon Wheeler

    December 9, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    You’re a HOOT! Love the picture : ) First chuckle of the day for me and it’s only 4:32 am. I always loved books too and although your grandparents didn’t indulge me, as much as your Mom did you, I couldn’t wait as a kid to receive a book occasionally. Today, I’ll make the heart rendering decision to part with some books, due to lack of space, and I’ll decide to only check out books from the Library. That works for a little while but then I quickly get back into collection mode and the cycle starts all over again.

    I’m not a big fan of the electronic readers either. The idea of paper and ink is quickly becoming old fashioned but a computer gadget just doesn’t enhance a book case one bit. Can’t wait to read your first book and display it proudly on my book case.
    Love Auntie Sharon


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