Tip of the Momma 2 u: Handy Little Sucker

02 Dec

The way I see it, a diamond necklace is a whole lotta expensive little pieces strung together to make one big expensive piece. Okay, so I don’t have a diamond necklace, nor do I want one. Just give me the cash-ola, thank you. We do, however, own something that I consider to be our family diamond necklace. It’s our DS case. It’s a satchel really. It houses about 15 tiny DS games and two DS handheld players. This convenient case with shoulder strap keeps all these pricey pieces together. For sanity’s sake, it comes in handy for those long trips and sometimes very necessary peaceful out-to-eat meals.

I had this tip in mind for a while now, ever since my mother accidentally left our beloved satchel at Famous Dave’s. We searched everywhere for it, blamed the children, and called it good and gone. Now, if you have one of these, you know that each game can run anywhere from $14.99 – $29.99. Multiply that by our 15 games (A minimum of $224.85), the cost of the case itself ($24.99), and the price of two DS players (roughly $300.00), and we’re talking about $550 worth of merchandise. About 9pm on the third day of being gone, my mom made a few phone calls and was off to reclaim it from the wonderful guy at Famous Dave’s that returned her call to tell her he had found it.

I promise I never judged my mother on this incident. But I did think we had learned our lesson about keeping the satchel in sight.

I think it was less than one month later that I had to phone my mother and confess. The first thing I said when she answered was, “You’ll never guess where we’re going.” I had to admit to her that I too had left the same case at a restaurant and we were on our way to reclaim it from the awesome guy who found it shortly after we left the day we forgot it. For some reason we had allowed our son to bring his school backpack to a restaurant one Friday afternoon. After a couple martini’s we went to another restaurant for a fun dinner. Burgers and chili fries… mmmmm. Of course, the DS case was inside the backpack. Three days and two phone calls later, I found we had left it at the second restaurant underneath the table. It was one of those “I thought you grabbed it” moments for my husband and I.

Obviously we had not learned our lesson. And, with two kids and plenty of chaos, I would say the chances of remembering the $550 bundle from here on out are great but not 100%. I’m not willing to risk another 3 day panic session. So I finally came up with a solution. For some reason we own several small carabiner’s. These are those ovaly shaped metal contraptions often associated with rock climbing. These little one’s we have are usually for clipping a water bottle to a backpack or belt loop at our house. Now we have a new job for one.

I have owned a purse for many years. My mommy taught me always to look back for my purse and never to leave it at home. There’s almost always a good reason to bring your purse. So, here’s what I do. Since I automatically feel naked if I don’t have my purse on my shoulder, I keep the carabiner latched to the side of my purse (which is a satchel really) and no matter how many extra backpacks or DS cases we bring into a restaurant, I attach them to my carabiner.

I never take this off.

From arrival to departure they must stay attached. If I even think of walking out of a restaurant without looking back, you can bet I’ll be surprised when I try to throw on my purse to find a buncha crap dangling from it. And, believe me, I’ve already done this. Since I rarely forget to take my kids home with me, I also have the option of carabiner-ing the DS case to the 8 year old.

I hope we’re not the only ones going through this. You know I wanna hear your story…



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