The Freakishly Cute Leopard Gecko…

02 Dec

If you don’t know who Snakey Baken is, now would be a good time to catch up —-> Snakey Baken

After traumatizing my child with letting his baby corn snake escape, we of course had to soften the blow with the promise to fill the void and the tank with another creature. Our older son immediately knew that a Gecko was the way to go. Somehow, in the process of merely getting a look at our future resident one Saturday, we ended up taking home TWO Geckos. I didn’t even have time to make my disclaimer of how I wasn’t going to be the one feeding, watering and cleaning up after these two little dudes. Of course, if you know the Snakey Baken story, you know that I really had no room to give know-it-all advice or rules. It was too soon.

So begins the story of Yoshi and Treeko. I have to admit that they are two of the cutest little creatures I have ever owned. And I have owned some cute buggars. (Hamsters, Felines, Pooches and so on)

First Day Home!

If you are thinking of adopting lizards into your family, I think there are a few things you should know about this particular breed. By the end of this list, you will find that they are a lot of fun and full of surprises. Am I encouraging you to keep Leopard Geckos as pets? Yes! No. Well, yes! And no…

Did you know that a Gecko whips its tail and pounces at its prey, just like a cat? This is highly entertaining to watch. They are hilarious. For one thing, they prowl around togther exactly like the Velociraptors on Jurassic Park – minus the screeching.

Did you know the guy at the pet store doesn’t always know what he’s talking about? These two little dudes were purchsed at… Wait, stop there. Make that dude and dudette! Now, temperature during incubation decides gender in Geckos. If Gecko eggs are all left to hatch under the same temperature, you will either have all boys or all girls. There’s no doubt our two Geckos were born on different sides of a tank. No, we don’t have eggs yet, but we’ve done our homework and inspection and we absolutely have a colorful meat-headed male (Treeko) and a dull colored slender female (Yoshi). Discovering this is only the beginning of a long line of entertaining moments. And I thought these guys were going to be boring…

Flat Stanley came to visit Yoshi

Did you know that Geckos don’t have vision coverage? Our Geckos are terrible hunters. On top of that, I personally feel that Yoshi could use glasses. She’s got terrible aim when it comes to crickets. I have seen her bonk the glass, the sand and the rear end of Treeko. It doesn’t help that the crickets hide in the lovely little tree we decorated the tank with. Yoshi walked right by the cricket tree and I swear you could hear the crickets giggle. We have since removed the tree…

Did you know that Geckos beg like dogs? We are supposed to offer them the alternating options of crickets and meal worms. I never could have predicted their addiction to meal worms. Not only does our black lab go nutso at 6pm every night, but around 8:00pm, when I shoo my 8 year old to his bed, the Geckos can be found staring at their mealworm bowl. Then they look at me. Then they look at their bowl. Then me. Then the bowl. I am NOT kidding.

Feed Me!

Did you know that mealworms should be refrigerated? At least they should be if you want them to last longer. I found the perfect spot for them in the fridge.

This batch of worms will outlast the eggs and sour cream!

Did you know that Geckos shed their skin about once a month? They do.

Did you know that Geckos eat their own shedding? They do.

Nom Nom Nom

Did you know that, no matter how dry and itchy they look, you should NEVER try and help a Gecko shed its skin? This freaks them out. And, if you do what I did, you’ll find they were better off being itchy. Basically, Yoshi backed away from my pull and ended up with the skin around her face. She looked like she was wearing the cone of shame. I felt terrible.

Did you know that Geckos will eat the shedding skin off eachother? Treeko was nice enough to help Yoshi on another occasion. He’s much better at it than me.

All Shedded! Looking sharp Treeko.

Did you know that the crickets stink WAY more than the Geckos? And you have to water them and you have to feed them too. And if they don’t crawl into the tubing you use to fish them out of their container, you have to shake them from the container into the tank, without sending all the waste they produce in to contaminate the tank. Lotsa fun. Way stinky.

Did you know that when you change out the water or rearrange the tank, a Gecko could likely come up to your hand and lick it? Sure, its just smelling your fingers that look like giant meal worms. But when Yoshi did this to me once and cocked her head to the side just so, my heart absolutely melted.

And finally,

Did you know that Geckos cannot fit through the tiniest of openings in the tank cover? If you feed them, water them and clean up after them, they will stay loyal and not find it necessary to try and escape. They are curious but not TOO curious. And if you don’t know why that’s imporant to me, you should really catch up —-> Snakey Baken



3 responses to “The Freakishly Cute Leopard Gecko…

  1. kim

    December 2, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    I just loved this story. I was laughing out loud and my son thought I was nuts! Told him to be sure to read it. Of course I was there when Snakey. Bacon became a member of the family.

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