Buzz Buzz

30 Nov

My kids have long hair in training. My 8 year old has had long hair for so many years that I’m sure if you pulled clippers to it he might scream in terror. We have worked long and hard to get his bangs just right and have finally got him used to swooping it in the right direction (away from his cowlick/swirly). Now we are working on the 4 year old. To make it more fun, his swirly is on the opposite side of his head from his brother’s. I can never get it right looking at him in the mirror. I have to look at the back of his head, locate the swirly, and then look at his face and swoop it for him. He’s used to it.

Everyone knows, when you transition from short to long hair, there is an awkward stage that makes you want to cut it back. This stage drives my husband crazy. He’s a haircut regular. I’m trying to get the 4 year old past the awkward stage to avoid the need to chop it all back and start over again. I have had to start over many, many times. I do not want to wait till he’s 8!

Anyhow, I tried changing the lighting in the house. I took advantage of the cold weather and put hats on him as much as possible. I even tried to send my husband on a man trip for two weeks. Anything I could do to keep the awkward hair stage and my husband from coming face to face. Again I have failed… So came yet another haircut…

In the past we have made it a point to bring visuals in to the hair stylist. For the 8 year old, it’s usually a picture of one of the Jonas Brothers. *shrug* It looks good on him! If we forget to bring a picture in, we usually just say, “We’re growing it long. Please just clean it up and don’t take off any unnecessary length.”

Unfortunately we recently encountered a green stylist. Now, I promise never to name names because of bad service or products unless I think the service or product in question has caused or potentially could cause harm. Well, permanent harm. So don’t ask me to tattle.

Needless to say, the nice stylist butchered my son’s hair. I smiled and tipped her well. But I was the one who was near tears. I mean, it’s bad enough he looked like Lloyd Christmas and/or Spock in the front for the first four days, but he also has clippered zig zags over each of his ears.

I could easily go back to the same unnamed haircut shop and request a different stylist next time. I could also demand a free recut by a different stylist. Right? No way. I’m not in the business of insulting or embarrassing people who make an effort.

So, once we get past the bad haircut recovery phase and head back into the awkward stage, which I’m sure will end in the urge to chop it down again, I will then be on the search again for a regular stylist. Wish me luck because if this happens again I will be bringing three photos along with me and I’ll be begging the stylist to please not do this

to my son.


One response to “Buzz Buzz

  1. Auntie Nicci

    November 30, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    sure shows his ears


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