Why We Still Love Our Webkinz World

24 Nov

Webkinz World is extremely fun. Here’s why. No wait, wait, wait. Go back…

A long, long time ago I bought a Webkin for my son. It was the black and white cat and he named him Fuzzy. Have you heard of Nite-Nite Puppy? I know, our stuffed animal names are phenomenal. Have faith, we get better as years pass. Do you think, if I knew that the purchase of Fuzzy would result in the ownership of 60+ Webkinz, I would have encouraged my son to get one? In hindsight, I confess. Yes.

If you don’t know what Webkinz World is, it’s a virtual world where you own a virtual pet and you feed it virtual food, buy it virtual clothes, and help it live a virtual life. If you’ve ever owned a Webkinz World account, you may have found that you have a favorite game, a favorite activity, maybe even a favorite outfit. There is SO much to do in Webkinz World. You can send mail back and forth. There are missions to go on. You can get a job, cook food, make clothes. The possibilities seem endless. We’ve had accounts for over 6 years now. In that time, we still have not grown tired of it.

Over that 6+ years we have accumulated Webkinz faster than bunnies procreate. For every holiday, our son asked for Webkinz. For every $10 – $15 he would save, our son would buy a Webkin. I think there was even a yard sale where a girl finally threw in the towel and sold all her Webkinz for 2 bucks a piece. I think we only bought 8 of 30. So, we’re not that bad, right?

Webkinz Overflowing

Although my 8 year old is done caring for his Webkinz online, my mom had vowed to check in on them from time to time for the kids. Well, now my 4 year old has caught the Webkinz fever. He’s had an account for a few years and my mom was checking on that one up until now. Now the tides have turned. My mom has her own account, I have an account, she checks in on the 8 year old’s account and then the 4 year old now plays with his own account. My mom recently shared her Deluxe membership account with the boys and has added several new pets to the little one’s World. So the fun continues.

In the real world, challenge your Webkin to a Mancala Tournament

With all there is to do on Webkinz World and the new things which the folks at Ganz have added over the years, and all the holidays and promotions Webkinz World there are, and the hundreds of things you can earn, create and purchase, I could never guess the one thing on Webkinz World that would make my child smile the most…


Basically, he purchases about 9 to 12 antique toilets, places them in one room and clicks madly from toilet to toilet. Every time the Webkin leaves a potty, there is a flushing sound. So when he clicks from one potty to the other, there is flush after flush after flush. This is worth a good 10 minutes of laughter. Potty humor, if you will.

Just when I thought the best part of Webkinz World was discovered, my mom sent the little one a Webkinz Transporter. Basically, you go into the capsule on one side of the contraption and, in no time flat, you appear in the capsule on the other side of the contraption. My mom worried that it might not be as exciting as it sounded. But, guess what! The 4 year old loves it! He discovered that if you go into the capsule and immediately click on the fruit stand, YOU DISAPPEAR! And while you are invisible, you only need to click on the TOILET… and you REAPPEAR. And, of course, if you click on the other capsule, you can FLUSH the toilet. We just bought another 15 minutes of laughter in the World of Webkinz.

Endless Possibilities I Tell You!

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