What’s in a Bunyerd?

15 Nov

“Bunyerd” was a special word when I was growing up. My stepfather made it up one day when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Over the next 23 years we have used it on numerous occasions and for many reasons. As a whole, my stepdad, my mother, and I are a sarcastic, pesky little unit. When you have a family who thinks they are funny, the need for a word like “bunyerd” arises. I didn’t really grow up in an environment where cussing was the norm. If not for the word “bunyerd”, I surely would have.

Let me give you a little background on the word itself. No one can ever be sure, but I think “bunyerd” is a combination of the words “bunion” and “turd” if you thought it was spelled “terd”. Now, bunions are a serious foot condition and the way they make one feel, I’m sure, is annoyed and sore. The word “turd” is funny to me and if I refer to someone as a “turd”, I mean to say that they stink in a fashion that is unfair for me to put up with. That’s how I’ve interpreted the word as I’ve grown into a mature adult.

If you use the word “bunyerd” there’s only a couple ways you can use it.

The Noun:

You, my friend, are a bunyerd.

What a bunyerd!

Don’t be a bunyerd.

The Proper Noun:

Queen Bunyerd over here thinks she’s funny.

Okay, Mr. Bunyerd, it’s time to zip it.

It’s not as useful as some foul mouth replacements.

You can’t say:

Get the bunyerd out of here.


What the bunyerd was that?


If you don’t get your bunyerd over here right this minute…

That’s ridiculous!

Bunyerd is a substitute for name calling. It’s a loving gesture of a word that says, “Although you’re annoying the crap out of me, I don’t want to call you a name that will insult, belittle or crush you because I love you. But I think what you just said/did is ridiculous.”

Obviously, it’s a family word. When was the last time you saw this word trending on Twitter? When was the first time? Never.

I sort of thought the word withered off when I moved out of my parents house. I really had no use for it because the last thing I wanted to do when my friends were dropping f-bombs and a-grenades was say, “YOU are a BUNYERD!”

Well, I have kids now. I try to filter my language as much as possible between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. with extended hours on the weekends.

I rarely used words like:



shut up

what the heck?

… let alone anything foul. I always say, if your kid can’t stand up in the middle of the class and shout the word without getting a phone call from the principal, then you probably shouldn’t say it in their prescence.

With my kids, I use words like:



be quiet


what in the world?

But…my boys are getting older. They have opinions. They have comments. They sound like their father… a lot.

They are 4 and 8 for goodness sake! I needed a word to fight back with. One that was gentle, but to the point. One that started with a B and ended with a D. No, not THAT one!

This one —-> BUNYERD

So with the revival of an old family word, my 8 year old often tells me that my 4 year old is being a bunyerd.

I have referred to every male in my house as a bunyerd.

And when my 4 year old couldn’t get the Joker to stop kicking Robin’s butt on Lego Batman, he pointed at the television and shouted, “YOU are a BUNYERD!”


One response to “What’s in a Bunyerd?

  1. Sharon Wheeler

    November 17, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    So THAT’S what that word means! Been hearing it for years from your Mom : )


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