Boo-Yah! The Hunger Games is coming…

14 Nov

Let me tell you. I haven’t been this excited since I viewed the Transformers movie trailer online many years ago. Today The Hunger Games trailer aired and I didn’t know if I’d be easily impressed, but I was beyond impressed. I was freaking out! Like when Transformers was going to come alive on the big screen, I immediately had to share it with my first son. He’s just like me. He gets super excited over the cinematic experience of bringing literature (yes, I consider The Transformers to be literary, so what?) to life. When I first read The Hunger Games series, he was in the 2nd grade. He was a busy little man. To save time, I gave him the gist of each chapter before and after school each day until I completed all three books. I just love watching him stare off into space with those giant brown eyes! So now, whatever those big brown eyes saw is now going to be at a theatre near us. Not till March of course. Thanks to Lionsgate for making the first book into a feature film, because now he wants to read the book for himself. He’s hooked, to say the least.

I am so stoked to see this movie with him. My kids are “those kids” at the movie theatre. The kids who holler at the screen and say things like “OH YEAH!” and “BOO YAH!” and “HOW D’YA LIKE THAT?” It’s usually at the end of the movie when the action hits and the good guys start showing the bad guys who’s boss. My husband and I giggle incessantly and pretend to hush the kids. The kids never hear us. They get so wrapped up in a film, it’s insane. But they love it.

Some people hate when a good book is brought to film. My kids thrive on it. I say, whether the movie sucks or not, the transition enhances the way you think about the book. A terrible rendition of a book just solidifies my feelings about the book and I usually go back and read it to undo what damage the movie has done. If it’s really that bad.

So, does it work the other way around? Will my 4 year old go giddy crap-happy on me when I tell him that Captain America is not only a movie, but a comic book as well? Probably. You can tell the kid he can’t watch anymore Pokemon for the day and he’ll run upstairs and grab the books. And the fun just never stops…

My 8 year old is an illustrating fool. He will take any story and make it come alive. Like me, he’s smiling or laughing as he does it and really doesn’t care if anyone is watching or listening in. Isn’t that how it should be? Watching a movie with him is exhilarating and emotional. He has cried out of frustration, laughed out of pure joy and hollered like he was capable of changing the world. The development of The Hunger Games from literature to cinema will be complete for me when I sit and watch it with him. I predict I will have to watch the movie twice because I will miss the best parts just watching him react. That’s okay, I love popcorn.

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