Tools of the Trade: Travelling Food Processor (4/3/08)

28 Oct

Do you ever wish you had brought something along with you and tell yourself numerous times that you’ll be sure to add it to your purse, car, diaper bag when you get home, for next time? Well, if you’re anything like me, by the time you get home you’ve forgotten that thought and the next time you get out, you find yourself looking for the item again. So scratch that idea of packing a million little things you’ll need later. Now, enter the MacGyver in all of us (and if you don’t know who MacGyver is, then you must be young enough to know what Google is). Back to MacGyver…

So the next Tool of the Trade came upon by accident. My husband recently took us to Chicago for what started out as a three week adventure and turned into a one week museum tour. My sons and I decided to explore the DuPage museum in Naperville, IL (which, by the way, was spectacular). We spent the day there from 10am to 5pm.
The day was going fairly well and each time I started to feel as though it was time to wrap up the day, we would find something new and exciting. My 6 month old was, of course, the one to keep happy and we are getting used to the fact that the world revolves around his sleep schedule. That’s because SLEEPY – SLEEP = SCREAMING and SLEEPY + HUNGRY = SCREAMING but SLEEPY + LOTS OF CHILDREN RUNNING AROUND = SLEEPY LAUGHTER which also = FIVE MORE MINUTES and SLEEPY – HUNGRY = 30 MORE MINUTES. Anyhow, nearing the end of the day I told my five year old that if we could just feed the baby, he would be happy enough to make it for another 1/2 hour. Content with this deal, he agreed to take a break and wait patiently while I fed the baby bird.
Once we got downstairs, I began to shovel out all the items in my bag that by now were covering a whole banana somewhere deep down low. I also managed to run into the baby spoon and pull both out with one hand and a smile on my face. My 5 year old watched as I did this and smiled too as though we had found treasure. Looking at the two items (banana and spoon) my face turned to a frown and so did that of the 5 year old. “How am I supposed to feed him with these?” I said aloud. It was at this moment I realized that the spoon was not sharp enough to scrape or smash the banana and in any case there was no where to place the banana in which to smash it. “I think we may have to leave now,” I said nervously. More than anything I hate to disappoint my 5 year old with news that his little brother is more important and has caused an end to any fun.
Upon seeing the sadness on his face, I began to act as though there was some kind of solution that may just pop up in my magic bag of tricks (time to Google Felix the Cat). To be honest with you I didn’t expect to find a single thing to save the day, I just wanted to look like I had tried. After about two minutes of digging with that “Hmmm…” look on my face, I came upon little sandwich baggies that I use to store the other half of the banana after the baby eats. And then the lightbulb began to flicker… If I put the naked banana in this baggie and close it up (cue the MacGyver theme music) I could SMASH it into mush, and when I open it, it will then serve as a bowl in which to dip the spoon into and upon the baby eating the perfect consistency of banana, he will then be the happiest baby in the universe, turning me into my five year olds hero and all will be at balance until at least 5 pm. Okay well most of that was realistic. Anyhow, if there’s anything you remember to add to your diaper bag right now, make it the baggie as the Smasharooni Bowl combo. But go do it now because it doesn’t save the day if it’s in a kitchen drawer at home.


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