I Kid You Not! (5/1/08)

28 Oct

I’m starting a new topic based on an experience I had at church over the weekend. This discussion is reserved for those of you who have had some of the most embarrassing moments with your children.

I’m going to bet that everyone out there has at least one good embarrassing story about childhood, whether it be your own or that of a child you know. Here’s the moment that sparked this particular topic:
While my husband was away on business I decided that I could at least handle taking my children to Saturday church on my own. Our church has a balcony that allows my kids to be a tiny bit restless without really bothering anyone. My five year old spent most of the time playing legos in the pew and occasionally walking toward the railing of the balcony only ten feet in front of us.
As the mass was coming to a half way point, it began to feel like the rest was going to be a breeze. When I walk up to receive my “Christ cookie”, as my son calls it, it helps inspire him to behave through the remainder of mass. Prior to this, the Father says “Peace be with you” and we respond with “And also with you.” He then proceeds to invite the congregation to offer peace to eachother with a handshake.
At the time the Father was proposing the peace offering, I looked down to find my son adjusting his underwear with his hands in his pants. Normally, my son is too distracted to get the opportunity to shake the hands of those around us and I prayed (literally) that he would miss it again at this time. To my horror, he pulled his hands out of his pants just in time and was sure to shake hands with every single person that surrounded us. Since everyone welcomed his shake, I assumed that no one had seen what he was doing just before and I blushed with shame that my child (who usually washes his hands after every meal and after playing outside) was the one who offered more than peace that day.

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